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Commercial Laundry Room Design Tips and Upgrades

Many people don’t think about their commercial laundry room until something breaks. But this is a mistake– a well-designed commercial laundry room is crucial for efficient operations and customer satisfaction. This applies to all commercial laundry room settings, such as hotels, hospitals, multi-family housing complexes, laundromats and more!

If you do not take the time to consider your commercial laundry room design and maintenance, you could be wasting time and losing customers. From ergonomic layout considerations to crucial commercial laundry room equipment upgrades, here are some essential tips and tricks to create a functional and effective commercial laundry facility.

Commercial Laundry Room Layout and Planning

The first step in getting the best commercial laundry space possible is to assess the available space and determine the laundry room's primary purpose. If you are providing a laundry room for a hospital, it will look different than a laundry room in a housing complex.

Consider the needs of your customers in your commercial laundry room floor design. Make sure you have adequate sized spaces for sorting laundry, washing, drying and folding, as well as storage areas for clean and washed laundry as well as to-be washed laundry.

In planning a commercial laundry room it is important to consider workflow and try to reduce congestion. Make sure the work flows smoothly and there is adequate walking space for your workers, and you will see an uptick in productivity.

Ergonomics and Safety of Commercial Laundry Rooms

Commercial laundry rooms may seem safe, but they can actually be quite dangerous. Strain on the body and injuries from poorly maintained washing machines and dryers can cause injury. To minimize possible risk, it is important that commercial laundry rooms install ergonomic and user-friendly equipment to minimize strain on operators.

This can include providing anti-fatigue mats and adjustable tables for folding to enhance comfort, as well as updating lighting to enhance visibility and reduce accidents. Employees should also be trained on commercial laundry ergonomics.

Of course, one of the most important ways you can protect your employees as well as your property is to be sure that all commercial laundry room equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. This includes repairing and updating machines, as well as being sure all dryer ducts are clear.

Commercial Laundry Room Technology and Innovation

Modern tech improves almost all businesses, and commercial laundry is no different. If you want the best commercial laundry room design, embrace laundry management software. Smart commercial laundry machines and management software can be used to track usage, monitor equipment performance, and even schedule maintenance!

Like a car’s check engine light, a smart washer or dryer can tell you exactly what is wrong and what updates are required. You can also track water and electricity usage, to guarantee the most efficient business possible.

If you have a laundromat, it is greatly suggested that you iInstall cashless payment systems for user convenience and to reduce cash handling. Other updates include smart machines that allow users to check machine availability remotely. If you are not willing to implement these upgrades in your commercial laundry room design, you risk losing business.

Maintenance and Service

Like all expensive equipment, commercial laundry machines require regularly scheduled maintenance. Establish a regular maintenance schedule to prevent breakdowns and extend equipment life. Otherwise, you risk having to replace your machines more often.

If possible, find a reliable service provider who specializes in commercial laundry room maintenance. They will have all of the spare parts you need available, as well as the technical know-how to fix small issues before they become large problems. Make sure all staff know best practices for the laundry machines and safety protocols to reduce the risk of accidents.

Commercial Laundry Room Aesthetics

Commercial laundry room design isn’t all about maintenance and safety. You need to create a welcoming and clean environment for users that feels comfortable and unoppressive.

Make sure that your commercial laundry room is not only regularly maintained but regularly cleaned. Avoid bare, concrete walls and exposed wiring– not only can that be dangerous, but it looks bad. Consider painting walls soothing colors and be sure that all wiring is neatly managed. All signage should be clear, display safety instructions and operating guidelines prominently.

If you are running a public laundromat, consider adding amenities for your customers. This can include comfortable seating, vending machines for snacks and drinks, and Wi-Fi to enhance the user experience. Some laundromats offer refreshments such as alcoholic beverages to patrons of legal age.

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Commercial Laundry Rooms

For many reasons, it is important to design your commercial laundry room to be accessible to people with disabilities, especially for people who use wheelchairs. When creating your commercial laundry room layout, consider that it is well-lit and easy to navigate for everyone, with plenty of room to comfortably move.

Another way to make sure your laundry room is accessible is to install machines with user-friendly interfaces and controls, and some that have controls easy for a person in a wheelchair to use. Consider a wheelchair ramp for your property– an added benefit is it makes it easier to wheel large carts of laundry!

Commercial Laundry Room Management Making You Overwhelmed? Consider Smartomat!

A successful commercial laundry room design requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on efficiency, safety, and sustainability. By incorporating the right equipment and adopting modern technologies, you can create a space that meets the needs of both users and operators while maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

But all of this takes time, and many small businesses simply do not have the resources to redesign and upgrade their commercial laundry space while also running the business.

If it all seems overwhelming, don’t lose hope! Consider reaching out to Smartomat, the premiere Commercial Laundry Room Management service. Let Smartomat handle the details while you enjoy the best laundry room around! Give us a call or check out our website, and see what Smartomat can do for your business.

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